The first thing an auditor wants to see is that you have a system in place to keep you in compliance with the DOT regulations. Our system helps you gather all the information you need to successfully and easily pass your DOT audit. A DOT New Entrant Safety Audit and a DOT Compliance Review are the two most common types of DOT Audits. Audits are not an enjoyable process, but if you are prepared they can be quick and painless.

DOT New Entrant Safety Audit

Every company that applies for an MC (Motor Carrier) Number is required by law to receive a New Entrant Safety Audit within the first 12 months. The easiest way to pass this audit is to be well prepared. Check out how we can help you with this New Entrant Safety Audit!

Compliance Review

If you have been scheduled for a compliance review, the DOT probably suspects you of poor safety practices. Don’t give them a reason to issue you a fine or even worse, issue an out-of-service order. Make sure you are prepared for the DOT visit. We can help! Find out how we can help with your compliance review.

No matter the type of DOT Audit you are facing, we can help. We offer Full Service packages as well as Do-It-Yourself packages.

Our Do-It-Yourself Package

Our DOT Audit Assistance Package includes nine folders with instructions printed on them detailing what each folder must contain. You will also be able to download 13 other files and forms, including an employment application, that help you record all information required in a DOT Safety Audit. Additionally, we will provide a 67-page guide that contains all of the information you need to prepare for the audit. Still running into trouble? You can always give us a call and we’ll do our best to help. If you follow the guide and our folder system, you will have no trouble passing the audit. So far, our clients have a 100% pass rate when using our folders, as long as their logs and vehicle maintenance tracking are in order.

Progressive Reporting Agency will help you prepare for and pass your New Entrant Safety Audit. Call us today at (866) 736-6507 and let’s get started preparing for your audit.

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We passed our Audit 100% and the inspector was very impressed with Progressive Reporting’s system.

- David F. – Las Vegas, NV

Very Impressed!! Yesterday I had a DOT Focus Audit within my office and I was missing quite a few documents that he needed to view. I contacted your office and received assistance from Liz, Mercedes, Hayley and Jaclyn that was extremely helpful. They did not hesitate to get the items that I needed in a more than timely fashion! I am very pleased and impressed!

I want to say Thank you to all of you!

- Karl O. Lake – Elsinore, CA