July 23, 2015



The trucking lifestyle makes it challenging to keep and stay clean and hygienic, however, much like all careers, appearing professional is part of the job, especially if you are an owner operator. Unfortunately for drivers, paying for showers is expensive, rest stop bathrooms can be dirty or inaccessible and finding the time for personal maintenance is a challenge in and of itself. Despite the challenges, hygiene is an important aspect for any profession. Learn why below.

Why Hygiene is Important 

  • First impressions are vital and are formed within seconds of meeting an individual. Personal hygiene should be one of the most important things in this situation. Employers like clean candidates that are sharply dressed and this goes the same for truck drivers. We’re not saying that you must wear a suit all the time, but wear something that makes a good impression.
  • When you work in a confined space, cleanliness becomes all the more important. If you’re a team driver, you want them to withstand the same hygienic habits as you do and vice versa. If you’re a solo driver, you still need to be aware of good hygiene. When you have good hygiene, you’re promoting a healthy work environment. View your body as you view your truck, it’s something you need to take care of, maintain and keep in working condition
  • There are stereotypes for just about every occupation. Truck drivers are often pigeonholed as unkempt and unclean. One way to beat the stigmatization is to avoid low self-esteem and put more effort into your hygiene and appearance.

Keeping Up Good Hygiene

Pack as if you were going camping. Everything you need to keep up your hygiene is portable, which makes it perfect for your trips on the road.

  1. Essentials – You’ll want to pack each of these just incase a rest stop doesn’t have them available. This includes moisturizer, sunscreen, towels, clean clothes.
  2. Oral Hygiene – Dentists recommend flossing daily, but flossing in the rig can be difficult so try dental picks. Make sure your pack also includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and even mouthwash.
  3. Body Hygiene – The most essential thing to remember for your pack is deodorant, however you should also pack shampoo and soap if you have a rest stop available. If you don’t, baby wipes work great as a substitute for a shower.
  4. Other Products – Hand sanitizers are always a good thing to have on hand. Along with that, try having face mist to refresh and hydrate your skin and a razor or cosmetics if you need them.

Hygiene should have to take a backseat to making better time on the road. Creating habits like these will set you on the right path to a clean lifestyle. It gets you in the right mindset for work and will change your self-esteem dramatically. Don’t let poor hygiene be the reason you don’t go further in your career.

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