Transportation consultants give you the time to focus on growing your company, increasing profit, and staying up to date with regulations. A common saying in the business world is, “To grow your business you have to work on your business, not in your business”. In the Trucking Industry that means you can’t be spending all of your time and energy on operations like DOT Compliance, IFTA Reporting, Annual Fees, and Taxes. Instead, it’s important to focus on what makes you money and that is keeping your trucks moving with profitable loads. The services we provide are designed to help you focus your efforts on making money. If you currently have a staff that performs these functions for your company we will train them to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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My life is simpler because of Progressive Reporting Agency. They are experts at what they do so I don’t have to be.  Their entire organization is efficient, professional and a joy to work with.  I can’t imagine trying to run my business without them.

- Tyler P. – Vernal, UT

Working with Progressive for over the last 10 years has been great for our business. We are able to call and get a live person who is an expert in the area where we need assistance. That has helped us make good business decisions. The service is prompt and they are usually able to get complicated things handled quickly.

- Kathy – Las Vegas, NV

We want to say thank you for all the help you have given us over the last 8 years. You have helped us with our licensing, registration and permitting, which are complicated tasks we don’t have the time to dedicate to. Taking those tasks off our plate has allowed us to focus on growth, which is one of the reasons we have been able to grow from 1 truck to over 50 in less than 8 years.

- Corey W. – North Salt Lake, UT

We had an issue with our US DOT number that we tried to fix ourselves. After weeks of frustration and getting nowhere, we made one call to Progressive Reporting and the problem was solved within 2 hours. Now we have Progressive Reporting’s contact info in all of our trucks.

- John M. – Essex, CT