December 13, 2017

A New Year, a New You, a New Trucking Company

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Becoming a trucker takes a unique individual with the right qualities. In fact, there are many who just don’t have the grit and resolve to do what truckers do all day every day. When on the road, truckers can choose their own schedule, provide for their family, and travel the states, all while making good money. But being a trucker is not easy, and it can sometimes feel unfulfilling. You may find yourself working for a company where you’re just another number waiting for a paycheck, ruled by logs and policies, and hauling loads wherever you’re told to. Are you ready to make some changes?

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

With the end of the year coming, it’s time to reflect on the previous year. What went well? What do you want to change? Are you happy where you are or is there a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that there’s something better? If you’re unsatisfied with where you are right now, it’s time to make a change. You could go with something good, like eating healthier, exercising more, or losing weight, or you could go for something great, like starting your own trucking company.

What Makes a Good New Year’s Resolution?

When deciding what to change the coming year, there are a few things to consider. Don’t make this year like any other, where you make big dreams and don’t follow them. Instead, follow these tips to make your big goals achievable this year:

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Be Honest With Yourself

Just like the trucking industry takes a certain type of person, it’s important that you know what you are likely to do when trying to make and achieve a goal. Are you someone who loves to take on the challenge and make big changes right away? Or are you someone who thrives in taking little steps at a time to achieve big goals? The type of person you are can help you determine how you should write out your resolutions.

Ask yourself these questions before making the goal to decide how big of a goal you want to make. Are you going to do whatever you can to achieve your goals? Do you have the motivation and discipline to take the first steps? Do you have people to support you in trying to achieve your new goals? Are you ready to take control of your own business? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to set your goals high this next year.

Make it Doable

Once you’ve determined the type of person you are, it’s important to make the goal doable for you. Are you someone who can plan big and go big? Or are you someone who has to take something little steps at a time? If starting a trucking company is your new goal, it may be better to start small. Work towards getting three things: your motor carrier authority, your truck, and your insurance. From there, take the time to plan how you will get your business to grow. Decide early on how you will get the resources you need to make your dreams a reality.

Make it Specific

Many people make a goal similar to “I’m going to lose weight.” However, this goal is not effective. How much weight are you planning to lose? How fast? How long will it take? The more specific the goal, the easier it is to measure, which makes it easier to see when you’ve actually succeeded. A big goal like starting your own trucking company takes a lot of planning. Determine what you need to get started. Make a list, and create a timeline. Cross off each item as you get it. When do you want your company up and running? Answer as many questions as you can think to ask. The more specific the goal, the easier it is to measure your success.

Plan for Failure

Chances are, you’re not going to succeed 100% on your goal the first time. There are sure to be a few roadblocks and bumps along the way. It may take more time than you planned to get everything you need to get started. Even after you get started, you may still run into problems. If starting a new trucking company is your goal, you may find that your company doesn’t make a profit right away. Don’t get discouraged. Keep going. Don’t let immediate failures stop your chance for greater success later.

Take the Leap

Some people need to take action immediately or else they never start their goal. There’s always those thoughts in the back of the mind of, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow,” or “I don’t have time right now.” Just like jumping into a cold swimming pool, it’s better to take the leap. Don’t dip a toe in the pool and stop. Dive right in. Once you get started, you’ll find it harder to stop.
A new year's resolution consists of a goal, plan, and action.

Make Your New Trucking Company Your New Year’s Resolution

If you’re ready to go big on your New Year’s Resolution this year, make starting a new trucking company your resolution. Imagine how great it will be to finally become your own boss. You can set your own schedule, choose what you want to haul and where you want to haul, and decide where the money you earn goes. Make the leap and start your own trucking company today! You won’t regret it. Here are just a few of the advantages of starting your own trucking company and becoming your own boss. Get started with our free guide that explains how you can get your trucking company started.
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The Advantages of Owning Your own Trucking Company

Choose Your Own Schedule

Truckers must be independent. They must have the self-discipline to choose when to get driving, decide when to take breaks, and plan out the route to find a good place to stop, even if faced with potential hazards, like construction, heavy traffic, or a long wait at the shipper. Many truckers can face weeks away from home, but with your own trucking company, you can choose where and when you haul. You have more control over your hours and where you work.

Make Money

While trucking is a lot of work, it can make a decent pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay in 2016 for truck drivers was $41,340 per year. Some truck drivers are reported to be making up to $73,000 per year! If these sound like numbers you would like to earn, it may be time to become a trucker or the owner of your own trucking company. As the owner of your own business, you can choose what you earn and decide where the money you earn goes. You can be your own boss.

Travel the States

While it depends on the person, some truckers love seeing the states as they work over the road. As a trucker, you can travel to different states, check out all the different truck stops, and just love the drive. The lifestyle of a trucker isn’t for everyone, but if you love what you do, why not love it even more by taking control of what you earn?

Are You Ready to get Started?

One of the best ways to meet your goals is to get the support you need. Don’t start your trucking company alone. Instead, give Progressive Reporting a call at (866) 736-6507. Not only can we help you achieve your goal of starting your own trucking company, we can help keep your company on the road. Don’t let paperwork slow you down! Start your new trucking company today!

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