September 24, 2014


CDL operators of vehicles carrying a combined GVWR over 26,001 pounds are required to submit quarterly IFTA fuel tax reports. These IFTA fuel tax filings reconcile how much diesel you purchased in each state and how many miles you traveled in each state. These quarterly filings can be very time consuming. With the owner/operator in mind,  we designed a simple and cost effective approach to IFTA fuel tax reporting so you can spend your time on the road doing what you do best.

Taking care of your IFTA fuel tax filings yourself will typically follow a similar process to this:

  1. Collect all fuel receipts
  2. Keep track of dates, times, and locations driven
  3. Calculate mileage driven in each of the lower 48 states
  4. Prepare and file with each individual state
  5. Depending on where you purchased fuel, you may receive a check or a bill. If you receive a bill you are required to pay the state within 30 days.

Figuring out how many miles were driven in each state can be difficult, and filing on time with each state can be stressful. More than anything, we know there is a lot better use of your time. That’s why Progressive takes a different approach to IFTA fuel tax reporting.

Instead of keeping track of all your miles and fuel consumption by yourself, Progressive will send you IFTA trip envelopes. Simply fill out the envelopes with the locations you travel to and from, then place all your fuel receipts inside of the envelope! Send them to Progressive and we will calculate your mileage and fuel consumption then prepare and submit your filings. Based upon whether you owe certain states money or they owe you, we coordinate so the states pay each other so there is no extra work on your end.

IFTA envelope

The result? Hassle free IFTA fuel tax compliance for just $150 a quarter. We will also send you a detailed report and summary of what states are costing you the most money so you can more efficiently manage your expenses. Don’t spend another quarter filing on your own, simplify your trucking operation and let Progressive ensure you are staying compliant with IFTA. Call us today at (866) 736-6507 for an IFTA made easy starter kit!


  1. My dad wants to be able to calculate the tax of the fuel that he consumes because he’s elaborate with his spending. It was suggested here that he should collect all the fuel receipts. Furthermore, it’s recommended to go to trusted businesses for fuel tax calculation.

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