September 13, 2013


Hi everyone, this is Chris Vernon with Progressive Reporting Agency. Today, I’m going to show you how to request your US DOT or MC number PIN. This video shows you step by step how to do it.  Once you make the request, your PIN will be sent to you in a letter and should arrive within four to seven business days.

Let’s Get Started!

Open your web browser and go to the Safer Website or click on the following link:

Towards the bottom of the page there is a link that says, “Click Here to Request Your Docket Number PIN and/or US DOT Number PIN (A Docket Number is just another way to say MC Number).” Click on this link.

Once the next page loads, click on the “Yes” button on the right hand side of the page. You will then be asked for your credit card information (Your card will NOT be charged, as requesting a PIN is free. The FMCSA asks for your credit card information because this is how they will verify the name of the person requesting the PIN). Once your card information is entered click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. From this page you will be able to request that either a copy of your existing PIN or brand new PIN be mailed to you.

The two reasons most people request a new PIN are:

  1. Their PIN was compromised
  2. They want their US DOT and MC Number PINs to match.

Today, I’m going to request the US DOT Number PIN.

The process is just about the same for the bottom section when requesting a MC number PIN. First, enter your US DOT Number PIN, then in the next box enter your Name (Name of Company Official Authorized to Request PIN), and finally your Title.

Once completed, tell the system exactly what it is that you want.

If all you want is a copy of your existing DOT number PIN, check the first box then hit “Submit”.

If you want either a new US DOT Number PIN or if you want your US DOT Number and MC number PINs to match, you’ll click on the “Mail Me a New US DOT Number PIN.”

  • *If you are getting matching PINs, you must also check on the “Change matching dockets box”.
  • *If you are getting matching Dockets, you will also need to enter your MC Number information down in the bottom box. Again, you’ll need your MC number, Name, Title and check the “Mail Me a New Docket Number PIN.”

At this point, go ahead and hit the “submit” button. The following page will display the address that the PIN will be sent to. If the address is NOT you’re mailing address or if there is not a person at this address that can get you the letter once received, do NOT click the “Yes” button.

  • *You must first update your MCS 150 to correct the address.

If you don’t know how to do that give us a call at Progressive Reporting and we can help you out.

At this point, if everything is verified and correct in all the sections, click the “Yes” button and a confirmation page will load. It page will show that your request has been processed and that you should receive your letter in a few days, and that’s usually about 4 to 7 business days.

We hope you found this helpful. As always, if you have any questions or any other problems please visit us on our website at, call us at (866) 736 – 6507, or shoot us an email at

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