April 27, 2016


Vehicles are becoming more and more fuel efficient, meaning state and federal governments are beginning to look at alternative funding mechanisms to shore up their fuel tax revenues. For instance, the Congressional Budget Office recently proposed that Congress pass legislation that would charge drivers a tax for every mile they drive.

Some states are not waiting on federal solution. California and Oregon have already taken actions to tax motorists based on the type of vehicle, weight, and distance they travel on state roads. Oregon implemented the nation’s first GPS-based weight and mile tax back in 2014.

Oregon, and now California, are using a telematics device from ERoad to collect accurate mileage information from heavy duty commercial vehicles.

The California Department of Transportation recently announced that ERoad will be its heavy vehicle technology provider for a Road Charge Pilot. Beginning in July 2016, the program will be scheduled to run for nine months to investigate road charging options for possible replacement of California’s fuel tax. ERoad is its sole provider in the heavy vehicle category.

Heavy vehicle participants in Oregon and now the California Road Charge Pilot can also take advantage of the full range of ERoad services that include electronic IFTA, electronic logbook, Oregon weight mile tax, driver feedback, idle reporting, vehicle maintenance reporting and more for no cost. They are also working to develop a fully compliant electronic logging device (ELD) application.

For more help on your IFTA in every other state, contact Progressive Reporting. We can calculate your mileage and fuel consumption for each state and prepare and submit the filings for you.

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