September 17, 2014


Membership in a drug and alcohol consortium is required for CDL operators of vehicles carrying a combined GVWR over 26,001 pounds. Failure to participate can result in fines of up to $10,000. Making sure you are compliant with the DOT drug and alcohol regulations can be a tedious and expensive process. Progressive Reporting is here to make your life easier and take the hassle out of drug and alcohol compliance.

Typically, drivers are faced with a $99 membership fee, plus a $59 pre-employment screening. After that, random testing can cost anywhere from $59-$108 a quarter. This means you could get stuck paying close to $600 a year just to stay compliant with the drug and alcohol regulations enforced by the DOT. We know truckers operate on a tight budget. Don’t risk falling out of compliance due to lack of funds at the time of testing. Corrective action could be taken or your DOT authority could be revoked. Take a simple approach to drug and alcohol compliance with Progressive. Instead of paying fees whenever you are randomly tested, pay a one time, flat rate fee of $199 and let us handle the rest!


Normal fees:

$99 membership + $59 pre-employment screening + $59-$108 a quarter for random testing fees (paid at time of test) = Upto $600 depending on random testing



With Progressive:

Membership + pre-employment screening + all random testing = one time fee of $199


The Progressive flat rate program also includes:

  • Required drug and alcohol policy book in your company’s name.
  • 20,000 collection sites nationwide for your convenience.
  • Ability to add additional drivers for just $99.
  • Reduced rates for larger fleets.
  • Rate discount from $199 to $139 upon renewing your yearly membership.

Falling out of compliance can be very detrimental to your trucking operation. Protect yourself from paying close to $400 more than you need to and more importantly, have all your fees covered up front so the only way you can fall out of compliance is by failing a drug test. Take the hassle out of DOT drug and alcohol compliance with a one time fee, and let Progressive do the rest.

Enroll now to start making your trucking operation less stressful, and save some money while you are at it. For specific questions or concerns give us a call at (866) 736-6507 or contact us at

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