December 18, 2014


With the holidays coming up so quickly and a limited time of shopping left, we want to help you find the perfect gift for that special truck driver in your life. Whether they’ve been driving for years or just new on the road, we’ve built the best wish list for anyone. Here are 10 great wish list items for your favorite truck driver!

1 – Automobile Swivel Tray ($13.99)

Eating while your driving can get messy and you don’t always have time to clean up that mess. With the automobile swivel tray cup holder, truck drivers can have the convenience of a table in right next to them.


2 – BESTEK Power inverter ($70.99)

Sometimes truck drivers have appliances and often times the plugs don’t mix with what’s available. The power inverter gives your favorite trucker the option to plug in any device whenever they need.


3 – Garmin Dezl 7-inch Trucking GPS ($299.99)

Help your truck driver navigate their trucks to the proper location with confidence. This GPA system has a high-resolution, large 7-inch touch screen and it includes lifetime maps and traffic. Make sure your driver knows to double check their route with a truckers atlas once they are close to the city.


4 – Mini Microwave ($152.97)

Not all truckers have a microwave at their disposal so why not bring the joy of hot food to their truck! This mini microwave is the perfect size for all your truck and will keep you healthier while you’re on the road.


5 – Mobile Wifi Hotspot (varies)

Enable your driver to connect to the Internet wherever they go. These mobile wifi hotspot cards are small and portable and perfect for skyping, facebooking and just surfing the web. Not all stops have wifi, but with this this mobile wifi, your truck driver always will.


6 – Kindle ($99.00)

Kindles are the perfect gift for any book lover. It’s a digital bookstore that can also download games. This model has no screen glare in bright sunlight and the battery lasts for weeks. With this by your truck driver’s side, they can stay informed and keep busy during breaks.


7 – TireTech Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System ($229.00)

18-wheelers see a lot of mileage so it’s vital to keep track of tire pressure. By giving a truck driver a tire pressure monitoring system, you’re helping to ensure their safety on the road.


8 – AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit ($24.98)

Emergency kits are essential to every driver whether it’s a truck driver or just a passenger car. This emergency kit comes with a flashlight with batteries, 8 gauge heavy duty booster cable and much more all in a convenient compact storage bag with handles.


9 – SiriusXM Satellite Radio ($89.99)

Satellite radio is the perfect gift for any truck driver. During those long hours on the road, the normal radio might become not only redundant, but also extremely frustrating. With over 150 channels, they’ll never have to deal with static again.


10 – WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion ($69.46)

Keep your truck driver cozy with this WonderGel seat cushion. This ultra-soft seat is made from solid rubber-like gelastic material. It breathes comfortably so it can stay cool while in use. Not only is it durable, but it returns to the original shape with no permanent depressions.



Omega Paw Big Dog Lunch Box ($27.79)

For those drivers with a pup in tow, get them both a gift with the Omega Paw Big Dog lunch box. Not only does this trusty box come with food, but it also comes with a lid in the shape of two dog bowls. This is perfect for the loveable companion that shares the road.


So now that we’ve given you some ideas, start enjoying your holidays with no worries. Just make sure that if you’re buying appliance, they’re the portable kind. From everyone at Progressive Reporting, have a safe and happy holiday.

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